Real Estate Professionals Are You Guilty

I do not want to pick on real estate professionals in this article, as this could easily be any service type business that deals with clients, but I’m here to tell you it’s personally happened to me in 4 different transactions (with realtors) in my lifetime so far.

Does this sound familiar?

Several years ago they did a study. They interviewed 100 people who had just done a Real Estate transaction, either buying or selling a house. They asked them 3 questions:

1) Were you happy with the service you received from your Realtor?
2) Would you do business with the same Realtor again?
3) Would you refer your friends to the Realtor?

About 96% of the people were very happy with their Realtor and answered yes to all 3 questions. So the Realtors had done their job and provided a quality service.

Here’s what you’ve got to pay attention to now!

They interviewed these same people 2 years later. 90% of them could not even remember the Realtor’s name! So just like my experience, these Realtors dropped the ball on followup. Instead of having a stream of referrals coming their way they had to pump more money into non-effective advertising to stay in business!

How Can You Learn From This?

It is critical to the livelihood of your business to maintain contact long after the transaction is completed. If you treat people like a number, they will not ever refer you to their friends, family and peers. You’ve just lost out on a ton of long term business with zero advertising cost.

You need to “digitize”your clients into an online contact manager that has the capability of sending out actions of appreciation many times a year.

My background in marketing has exposed me to many systems that promise to get you clients and to grow your business. Until the last year or so, I had not seen any of these systems produce the results that were promised…until now.

This is the ONLY software tool I use to grow my businesses, and you can have access to it too. This tool is unlike any contact manager you’ve ever seen. Check out what you can do with it:

  • Import your client database to an online secure server you can access anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Send a REAL, physical greeting card with the click of a mouse for under a buck.
  • Send Hundred’s even thousand’s of cards with ONE CLICK (just imagine a holiday card list).
  • Schedule and automate REAL cards, in your handwriting to go out for birthday’s, anniversaries, any special occasion.
  • Send REAL gifts like brownies, cookies, gift baskets, gift cards (Starbucks, Home Depot, Cheesecake Factory, and more) for appreciation (ie. “Thank you for the referral”).
  • Create beautiful cards by uploading pictures that are meaningful to the client.
  • and more …

These are not electronic email cards. They are real physical greeting cards that arrive in the mail with a first class stamp. The cards are under $1 at Retail and even less at wholesale. They are the same quality of cards that you would find in a card store for $3 or more! I could talk about this system all day long but the best way to understand the system is to try it out.

You can send a few cards “on me” with no strings attached. Just contact me and I’ll set you up in less than 5 minutes.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you! Give me a shout out down below and some FB or Twitter love! Thanks so much!

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