Link Building Can Grow Your Phoenix Business

phoenix-link-buildingIf you’re a Phoenix business and want to get more customers from the Internet (google), you have to be building links to your website. In fact, still to this day, the number one ranking factor with google is backlinks. Unfortunately, there are shady SEO companies out there that provide terrible links at low costs to business owners who just don’t know any better.

It’s a shame, as the business owner knows his/her business, but doesn’t know SEO (link building), so in good faith hires an SEO company that had a good salesman on the call in hopes for better rankings and more traffic to their website. The end result is no improvement in rankings nor traffic, and in many cases a penalty that decreases (not increases) your rankings.

If you are a business owner who has tried unsuccessfully to have SEO done, most likely it was poor link building and quality of links pointing to our business website.

Your Get What You Pay For

Good links that google likes are hard to come by. They take a lot of effort and time, therefore are more costly than some offshore link builder charging $300 a month and promising first page rankings.

We call good link building “outreach”. That means our team is looking for relevant websites to your business category, creating great content and reaching out to them to see if they are interested in posting the content on their site, in return for a link back to your website.

That is one very effective, google-safe way to build backlinks that will help your business rank in google for all your important services or products.

Build Better Links With Epic Content

I know…you are a business owner not a website marketing professional. You don’t have time for all this SEO stuff, nor this very boring and tedious link building.

That is why we take it off your hands and do it for you. It is an investment in your business.

Google rewards websites that have good content on them. Content that answers all of your customers questions thoroughly. The same thing goes with building links to your business website. Create epic content, and relevant websites will want it on their website, and will gladly give you that very important link back to your website, which will increase your rankings and traffic.

As you can see…doing SEO the right way is a never-ending, time-consuming task that you should have a credible link building company do for you. And watch as your google analytics each month shows more visitors to your website, and improving in rankings. All which equal more business and growing revenues for you.

Link Building Experts

If you’re the type of business owner that wants to DIY your link building. Then go over and check out this monster link building guide by @Brian Dean. He is a link building machine, but if you want him you better open up your wallet and be prepared to spend $5K a month or more. I mentioned above, “you get what you pay for” and Brian is in high demand by companies all over the world who readily pay him $10,000 or more per month for link building.

If you want a Phoenix link building guy  then hit the contact button at the top of any page and lets talk.

I’m here in the flesh to meet with you to discuss a link building budget that will get you results. With anything good, especially when it comes to google, it does take time, so you have to look at this as an investment in your future growth. That will attract more customers to your business every single month.