Do You Know Your Buyer Persona?

Customer Persona

In any business, whether it be online or offline, one of the most important elements you must be aware of is your specific buyers behavior.

I didn’t want the picture above to scare you, but I did want to get your attention. And, if you are reading this so far, I achieved my goal. Does that mean I understand my readers psychology? Maybe. Maybe not.

Get Inside Their Head

The most effective way to attract more customers, clients, patients or whatever business you are in, is to get inside the head of your ideal customer.

You’ve got to dig deep find the biggest pains and desires, then dig even deeper to what their ultimate “WANT” is. For many people this could be more money, freedom, or a dozen other reasons.

When you find their deepest pain, and can provide a specific solution to solve that pain, no matter what business you’re in, you will be more successful than your wildest dreams!

A cool thing you can do is extract what the value of that pain is, so you can price your solution to maximize your revenue. More times than not, you can charge substantially more when you find out what the customer is willing to pay to make that pain go away.

There is noting unethical about this approach!

You are merely providing a specific solution, that your customer has put a value on, and pricing your fees or products that amount, since they have stated that is what solving their pain is worth.

Create An Avatar

This can actually be a lot of fun. Get together with your staff and come up with all the qualities, frustrations, and desires of your ideal customer.

When you come up with this Avatar, you should give it a real name, so that when you are doing any marketing, copywriting or sales presentations, you can speak right to that person and dramatically improve your conversions.

Get as specific as you can. What are they like socially? Where do the hang out? Shop? What do their social circles look like? Are they married? Children? How old? Education?  Really dig in to get this Avatar defined. This will serve you well for many years.

We got this idea from a corporate video production company

Speak In THEIR Language

Now that you have this Avatar, you can implement the correct language in all your marketing, advertising and customer/client getting activities.

When you do this, a mind shift happens with your prospects. They feel like you know them. Understand them. And best of all…”get them!”

This is a much deeper connection with your potential customer, and for that, your conversion rate will go through the roof.

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

I am fortunate enough to say I’ve been attracting customers from the Internet for over 15 years now, and have evolved into an offline digital marketing consultant.

I now help small to medium size businesses grow their revenues, as well as increase their customer/client base by up to 50%.

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