Educate Your Patient And Visitors Or Lose Them!

Plastic Surgery Content Marketing ArticlesHaving reviewed hundreds of Plastic surgeon websites, I am never surprised to see content that has no value to the visitor. It’s all about the practice, and not about THEM!

Your website “marketing content” should EDUCATE your web visitor, to help them make an informed decision.

This is your chance to expound your knowledge in a benefit-laiden way to people who land on your website and answer questions about specific procedures.

The more questions you answer, the higher the trust level is with your web readers.

Google Wants Valuable Content

With the most recent google updates, the necessity for quality, unique content that is of high value is more critical than ever. Too many plastic surgery websites have virtually the same content, which does not set them apart from their competitors, and shows no unique value in googles eyes.

This content should be a mix of articles and videos. As well as images that are relevant to the topic of the article. When you combine text, images AND video to an article, you turbo-boost its value in the search engines eyes, as well as give people different ways to consume your content.

People considering both cosmetic surgery are not going to make a hasty decision. They are going to spend time consuming information first, before they make a call. The better the information you provide them on your website, the more confident they will feel in calling your office for a consultation.

According to Jay Baer in his book Youtility

If you don’t supply the information your prospects (potential patients) need to choose your practice over the competition, they’ll get that data somewhere else, and the outcome might not be as favorable for you. To win the zero moment of truth, you need to fight the war of information on home turf. One way to do that is answering every single question your prospects might conceivably have.

Educate Your Cosmetic Surgery Visitors

Answer as many questions with your content (articles) as possible. Imagine when you sit down to do your consult, all the questions people ask you, then create individual content pieces to answer each-and-every question. This will also save time with your staff. When they get the call, many of the questions a person had, you’d have already answered on your website.

That means, when you get the call, they are very “warm”. Or, should I say, very interested in the procedure they are looking to get done…WITH YOU!

Moving forward, content will be king in regards to being the market leader in plastic surgery in your area. That means you need to have a content marketing strategy and schedule to make sure it gets done correctly and consistently.

It’s gonna be a race. Are you going to get your content marketing strategy cranking, or are you going to sit and watch your competitors do it and own the market? The ball is in your court!

Don’t be afraid to be the first plastic surgeon in your area to embrace content marketing, and in return exponentially grow your revenues.

Joe, Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute says…

If you can build the platform where you become the trusted expert, you can literally sell anything“.

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