Plastic Surgery Marketing

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plastic-surgeon-wasting-moneyPlastic Surgeons Are Losing Thousands Of Dollars Every MONTH!

Did the above title catch your attention? I hope so. What I want to talk about today is “patient re-engagement”, and how it can put tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account EVERY MONTH! Does that sound like something you might be interested in? I’ve talked with dozens of plastic surgeons and not […]

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Plastic Surgeon Talking To PatientThey Are Not Your Patients

I want you to make a mindset shift in your thinking, and therefore your plastic surgery marketing moving forward. You must go far beyond the doctor/patient mentality. In fact, they are not your patient! They are your client! Let’s dig even deeper. You will become their “trusted partner” when it comes to making them not […]

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Educate Your Patient And Visitors Or Lose Them!

Having reviewed hundreds of Plastic surgeon websites, I am never surprised to see content that has no value to the visitor. It’s all about the practice, and not about THEM! Your website “marketing content” should EDUCATE your web visitor, to help them make an informed decision. This is your chance to expound your knowledge in […]

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Should I Hire This Plastic SurgeonCosmetic Surgery Is NOT An Impulse Decision

In talking with many cosmetic surgeons, I commonly come across a practice that is not FIRST “educating” their potential new patients; therefore not building trust and credibility. Here’s a google statistic for you… “The number of sources needed before making a purchase averages 10.4, but almost doubles to 18.2 if one is buying a car, […]

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