3 Ways To Grow Your Business Revenues

Grow Profits In Your BusinessWe’re all in business to make money, or at least provide for our families. I know being a husband and father of 2 teenage children, I want them to have a comfortable life with no worries of money.

Money can be the biggest stress in a relationship, so getting that taken care of will most likely make life a bit easier and more enjoyable.

I’m a big fan of Jay Abraham, who is a marketing legend, who has helped thousands of business owners of all levels dramatically increase their revenues and business growth. Jay has mentioned many times in his books and lectures that there are only 3 ways to grow your business.

3 Ways To Grow Your Business Revenues

  • Increase the price of your products or services.
  • Increase the amount of times your clients purchase from you.
  • Get more clients.

That’s it!

Tough To Raise Your Fees

For many businesses, they can’t imagine raising their prices/fees as they know it’s tough out there, and for them to stay in business they need to be competitive.

One way you can charge top dollar is have a unique offering to your services that your competitors don’t. Be creative, and think of what you can “add on” that is appealing to your customer. If your client doesn’t see the “value add” it’s all for not.

Repeat Purchases

To get your clients or customers to buy more often, you’ve got to have a strategy in place that increases this transaction activity in your business. What strategy do you have that encourages repeat purchases?

It could be package deals. Bundles of products or services together that are unique to your marketplace. Or, how about just providing top-notch service, so they won’t ever want to go anywhere else?

New Client Acquisition

The last one is getting more clients (or customers). This is the one that most business owners focus on, but unfortunately are not keeping up with current marketing strategies, and how to make better use of them.

My background is in fitness. I’ve been a private trainer for almost 25 years, but now am marketing both my businesses and local businesses in many niches online.

As a trainer, the golden ticket is retention. How can you keep your client training with you? In all my years, there is a turnover rate (attrition) in personal training, and depending on your skills, it can be as short as a month, or as long as several years.

My current record is 2 clients for over 12 years, and they are still with me, even though I don’t do too much private training anymore.

How did I do it?

Well, there are several factors involved that I think has allowed me to keep them.

  • Showing you truly care about them.
  • Being reliable (in 12 years I can proudly say I’ve missed maybe 1 or 2 scheduled sessions, and they were from emergency situations.
  • Getting results.
  • Punctual. Always, always be on time no matter what.
  • Follow up on promises.
  • Stay current on all health topics your clients are concerned about.

My wife is currently a private trainer as well, as she too as had several clients for over 10 years now.

I don’t want this to just be a fitness post, but hopefully in your specific business this has got your creative mind going whether you’re a chiropractor, massage therapist, dentist, or a coach.

There are many strategies you can implement right now to achieve that goal of repeat purchases of your product or service.

Getting New Clients – It’s All About The Net

If you’re not bringing in new business, it’s very hard to keep going. I can’t tell you how many local businesses have shut down here in Arizona.

I drive down major streets with strip malls after strip malls with EMPTY spaces. It’s sad. I hate to see that, and maybe, if those business owners had a more effective marketing strategy, they might have made it through these tough times.

One great way is referrals. Provide an excellent service and your customers will tell their friends. This method is tried and true, but you cannot rely solely on referrals to grow your business.

You’ve Got To Be Online

It’s quite obvious now that you need to have a strong online presence in your city to stay in business. No one uses the yellow pages anymore. Your local competitors are now focusing on marketing through the internet, so if you’re not, you lose!

What I see more times than not are websites that are static brochures. No fresh content. No goal of any page on the site. Confusing. And lastly, they are not even found in google, so they are just wasting away.

You see…if you’re not on the first page of google for your local search terms, people will not ever find you. 85%+ percent of all searchers do not go to the second page. Do you?

If you’re not currently trying to get to that first page, it’s going to be a losing battle for you. You will not get any of those phone calls for search terms that are your local product or services.

Here’s a great analogy for you.

You might have a great location for your physical business, where lots of people go by every day, but if you’re not on the first page for what people are searching for, it’s like your business is in the middle of the desert where no one can see you.

I hope that really hits home for you, because you must get your site (business) pushed up to the first page to get those eyeballs, and ultimately phone calls for your services.

Your Website Is Your Storefront

I don’t want to get into web design and usability too much in this post, I’ll save that for another one, but you need to imagine your website is your storefront on the Internet.

Look at it through your clients eyes. If you went out shopping in your local city, and saw a store that looked interesting, but had just a ton of stuff thrown in their front window. Would that entice you to go in? Maybe. Maybe not.

What if the window display hadn’t been updated in a long time, and you could really notice it? Would you want to go in? I wouldn’t.

Now picture a nice clean, almost minimalist store front with a couple of beautiful pieces in it. If that type of store was of interest to you would you now go in? Most likely.

Remember…your website is for the visitor not for you. Your potential clients don’t give “2 cents” how good you look. It helps for credibility, but it’s about the client!

Design it so that it is functional, and is designed for direct response. The ONLY reason to have a website is to get people to find it and take action. That’s it!

It does not matter how pretty it is. The fancy flashing videos and text. All the social media buttons. Confusing copy. Etc.

If you’re not getting traffic to your site as mentioned earlier, it all does not matter one bit!

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