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Mike Pedersen is an Internet Marketing Strategist who can help you attract highly targeted and profitable cosmetic patients to your practice..

Having an online presence on the first page is a challenge in itself, but you’ve got to have an

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Achieve Business Growth  Using Mike Pedersen As Your Consultant And Advisor

Build Trust Online For More ConversionsDevelop Trust To Attract New Customers/Clients

When it comes to the Internet, attracting people who have a specific need or problem to get to know you, like you, trust you, contact you, and eventually refer you to their friends, family and peers is critical.

There are specific strategies we will use to create this trust for your business, that will attract new customers/clients like a turn-style.

Plastic Surgeon SEODigital Marketing Business Consulting

If you have a business that is struggling to grow, or even worse declining in revenues, it’s time for a change. It’s time to move in a new direction to stop the bleeding and jumpstart your growth. Business marketing and consulting is a must for any business. Without it, you will be implementing the same old approach and getting the same lack of results.

If you are on the second page, forget about it. Less than 1% of all people searching for a service do not go to the second page. They will click on a result, if not happy, click on another, but will never go to the second page.

This can be a massive loss of potential customers/clients and revenue. Search engine optimization is extremely competitive, and it takes staying up on all the algorithmic updates to get to the top, and more importantly, stay there.

We will implement SEO strategies to triple your website traffic in no time. This will dramatically increase inquiries and conversions for your business.

Cosmetic Surgery Mobile Website DesignStrategic Mobile Optimization

Have you seen what your website looks like on a smart phone? Do you realize that mobile search will exceed desktop search within the next 12 month?

80% of all searches have a local intent. That means people in your city are searching for the services you offer on their phone. If you provide a bad mobile experience, they are gone forever, and heading over to your competitors mobile site. You lose!

Implementing effective mobile marketing strategies can fill your consultation schedule faster than you can blink.

Plastic Surgeon Social Media MarketingEngage Your Market (Demographic) Using Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Google+ is a must if you want to engage and attract customers. People are on these platforms all day long. At work and at home.

You need to position your business to be “everywhere”. Unfortunately, most businesses I see on these social media platforms are doing it all wrong.

We’ll show you how to leverage these social channels to build a community of raving fans, that spread the word for your business.

cosmeticWebsite Design, Usability, Lead Generation, And Conversions

This is where I see the biggest disconnect for local businesses and the website visitor. First off, are you tracking traffic, conversions and bounce rate on your website?

If you’re not tracking, you’re have no clue if your website is getting the ROI that it deserves. Web visitors are no longer patient. You are just a click away from losing them forever!

We have been creating high-converting websites for over 14 years, and can help you get the most of yours, whether that mean tweaking your current website, or redesigning it for better conversions and equally important higher search rankings.

videoVideo Marketing To Become The Authority

Video online is exploding. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the largest one (google). People are more apt to watch a 2 minute video, than read an article. This is a huge opportunity to show people you are the authority in your area.

Most of the businesses we consult with are not using this platform at all. This is a huge mistake, and can cost your business thousands and thousands of dollars every month! We’ll help you produce videos that convert, and are found in searches like we did for immigration solicitors from london

Reputation Management For DoctorsReputation Management To Attract New Business

The Internet is giving the power back to the consumer. If you have poor customer service and support, people will quickly let the world know it. This can damage your reputation and cause people to contact your competitor instead of you.

Yelp, google+, Angie’s List and many other sites are being used by millions of web visitors who are doing their research on businesses like yours, before they make their decision.